Social and Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Services offers different kinds of content marketing services, the webmaster of youwangzhuan is Rodrick who is a social/content marketing specialist, if you have a website/product/online store needs to be promoted, please fill in the contact form below to discuss further with Rodrick.

Service Description

#1 youtube marketing service

I have two Youtube channels, the main channel has more than 18 thousand subscribers, here are the links to my channels:

Main Channel:

Sub Channel:

If you need me to create a promotional video for your website/product/online store or anything you want to promote, you can choose this service.

#2 English or Chinese article writing service

I can write a Chinese or English promotion article for your website, product, or online store.

Here are two articles for your reference:

Chinese article:

English article A:

English article B:

Click this to read

#3 translation service

My native language is Chinese and I can speak English fluently, I can offer English to Chinese or Chinese to English translation service. Such as marketing/sales content, user manual, conversational material translation, etc.

#4 affiliate marketing service

I can offer affiliate marketing service, if you have a product needs to do affiliate marketing, just contact the webmaster Rodrick by filling the contact form below to discuss further.

#5 content marketing service

If you need a promotion video, a promotion article or any other type of promotion content, I can create it for you.

#6 traffic increase service

If your website needs more traffic, I can write a promotion article or create a banner for your website and publish it on my blog.

Contact Form Demo (#4)

Just fill in your name, email address and message in the contact form, please remember to offer details below:

  1. Which service do you need, if you need service #1, you can write something like I need service #1 in the message, if you need all of those services, you can also write I need all of them.
  2. What kind of thing you want to promote? For example, a website, product or an online store.

You can also contact us by sending email,

Business Email Address:

Content Marketing Services
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